Reports include discussion of symptoms and objective data, diagnoses, the severity of neurobehavioural impairment, and recommendations for further evaluation and treatment.


Small (1-24)

$2,875 per assessment

Midsize (25-49)

Enterprise (50+)

*All assessments and interviews are done through VSEE, a HIPAA compliant video conferencing system.

Please contact us directly for evaluations in bulk. Bulk discounts are available for Midsize and Enterprise accounts

Packages Include:

Neurocognitive assessment

Clinical interview with board-certified neurologist or neuropsychologist

Report delivered within 72 Hours (includes: diagnoses, level of impairment, treatment recommendations)

The evaluation gathers objective data for:

    • Current physical, emotional, and cognitive symptoms 
    • Current pain ratings
    • Aphasia signs 
    • Risk level for developing Postconcussional Syndrome
    • Psychological functioning 
      • Depression
      • Anxiety
      • Posttraumatic Stress

Neurocognitive testing that assesses thinking skills, such as:

    • Attention/ Concentration
    • Immediate and delayed verbal & visual memory
    • Working memory
    • Reasoning abilities
    • Executive functioning
    • Visual spatial integration & organization abilities

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